The Grandparent Class for UNC Rex Families

Step Into Grandparenthood With Confidence.
A lot has changed in the past 20-40 years around infant care. This class will get new grandparents up to date without overwhelming you with all of the details.

In addition to infant safety, feeding, and sleep, this class will help new grandparents- no matter where they live- grow into their new role and care for their own children as they become parents.
Our class is created for Grandparents with children who are expecting a baby or have a child 0-12 months old.

Our Grandparent Class includes:
 Our Family Therapist who talks about the transition a family makes as it adds a little one and strategies for families to use as they step into grandparenthood. 
 A section devoted to infant safety around the house. 
 Information about feeding baby and update families on the changes with foods.
 Discussion from a women's health standpoint how grandparents can support the baby's parents, especially the new mom.
 Up to date information on infant sleep and new infant safety standards.

Grandparents can watch before the baby arrives and watch again and again for one full year thanks to our online, on-demand format. A perfect way to help get grandparents involved in the “nesting” process!

In addition to all of the videos and resources this class includes, each month our team of Nurtured Nest experts creates special paid content for our learners sent straight to your email box.

Group coaching is also an option for many of our classes. We will notify you of all upcoming live, group coaching opportunities at the email you register with.

This class offers closed captioning.

Our online classes are a "drip" format- meaning you will gain access to one module every 7 days until you have full access. In our research in best practices for adult learning, we have found that this type of release is the most efficacious learning method. 
Our Expert Educators

Meet The Grandparent Class Team

This Class Includes:

The videos in this class are the thoughts and opinions of a Nurtured Nest Educator.  The information in this class is not medical or healthcare advice and is not intended to diagnose medical or psychological problems. If you are experiencing any medical, psychological or other issue, please contact your appropriate healthcare provider. All materials not owned by the Nurtured Nest NC, LLC, are cited and linked in the Resources section of our website.  It is on good faith in our valued clients that we trust you will not this information will not be copied or dispersed beyond the original user.