The Infant Safety Class

Want To Learn About Infant CPR And The Heimlich Maneuver? Which Carseat To Buy And How To Install? How To Make Your Home Safe For Baby?

This on-demand class will not only cover safe sleep practices, it will also cover safety around the house, the basics of CPR, the Heimlich Maneuver, water and vehicular safety. This online course will prepare you to recognize and care for emergencies. The best part? You will be able to chat your questions to the instructor and revisit any section you choose in our on-demand format for a whole year after purchase.
Our online classes are a "drip" format- meaning you will gain access to one module every 7 days until you have full access. In our research in best practices for adult learning, we have found that this type of release is the most efficacious learning method. 
*This class will not be a CPR certification class. It is not recommended for NICU families or childcare providers needing CPR certification.
This class is currently taught by Amber Kroeker, MPH and Founder of Pip and Grow.
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The videos in this class are the thoughts and opinions of a Nurtured Nest Educator.  The information in this class is not medical or healthcare advice and is not intended to diagnose medical or psychological problems. If you are experiencing any medical, psychological or other issue, please contact your appropriate healthcare provider. All materials not owned by the Nurtured Nest NC, LLC, are cited and linked in the Resources section of our website.  It is on good faith in our valued clients that we trust you will not this information will not be copied or dispersed beyond the original user.
Meet the instructor

Amber Kroeker

Amber Kroeker is the driving force behind Pip & Grow, leading the development of the Smitten Sleep System. Her passion for infant well-being and research led her to pursue a Master’s in Public Health, become a Health Educator, and grow to be a leading voice in the infant safety community. In addition to her work with Pip & Grow, Amber works as a Child Injury Prevention Program Coordinator at a children’s hospital in Portland, Oregon.

She became a single mom at 18 and felt firsthand the challenge of trying to balance her child’s needs against the family bank account. Now, she is a mom to three wonderful boys. These experiences drive her to make the world better, safer, and more loving for babies and families everywhere.
Patrick Jones - Course author