Toddler/Preschool Series

Taming Your Toddler

Parenting changes when you head into the toddler years. In this class, Dr. Melinda Beavers, will help families feel prepared by teaching you to better understand your child and predict behaviors. Our goal is to give you the tools to work smarter, not harder and feel more successful in daily life. 

Geared for: Parents AND Caregivers of children ages 12 months- 3 years

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We will cover the following topics:

  • Parents as Teachers: psychological stages of development, appropriate level of parent involvement
  • Temperaments: personality traits that define how and why we react to things with an overview of some [mostly] universal coping strategies, and what helps our kids recover
  • Stopping Unwanted Behaviors: getting kids to top undesirable behaviors
  • Cultivating Desired Behaviors: choosing wise battles without picking fights

Meet the instructor

Dr. Melinda Beavers, MD

Doctor Melinda Beavers was raised in a small town in Georgia, and attended the University of Georgia. She has been passionate about caring for families and taking an active role in education. She joined Teach For America after college, where she gained invaluable knowledge about learning styles and family dynamics while working at a high school in Warrenton, North Carolina. She returned to Georgia to join a dual degree program at the Medical College of Georgia. During the 7-year program, she and her husband welcomed their 3 children, and she gained a parent’s perspective on medicine and parenting. Her pediatric training in Charlotte included an additional year as chief resident, and a focus in developmental pediatrics. She works to apply all of her own family and educational experiences in a way that will empower families to function at their best, because that will bring the best outcome for her patients!

If we spend decades learning from others in generalized education, and hours practicing for hobbies like sewing, running, or golf, it makes sense that we should have coaching and practice for parenting. Dr Beavers is so excited The Nurtured Nest will be able to provide coaching and practice for families growing in our area!
Dr. Melinda Beavers, MD, Pediatrician