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Classes For Parents And Caregivers

We connect families with the information they REALLY need and help them make informed decisions for their people

 We are now able to take HSA and FSA debit card payment on eligible classes. Please contact your provider to learn more about what your plan covers.

 Education is our first priority founded and fueled by experienced educators.

 Expert educators pediatricians, licensed therapists, psychiatrists, women’s health nurse practitioners, midwives, child focused business owners, and even dog trainers.
What is the Nurtured Nest all about? Hear from our Founder, Kathryn Dunn.

In 2021, we’ve got targeted ads, sponsored bloggers, and social media groups all weighing in on our feeding decisions.  Y’all—it’s too much. The worst part? Those products and ideas we’re sold and influenced by aren’t really about your kiddos at all. They’re about people’s businesses and bottom lines. How are you supposed to cut through the trends and ads and mix messages to figure out what’s right for your family? How do you get to the good stuff?The truth is that you don’t need fancy stuff or trendy ideas to do this parenting thing.What do you need? Knowledge. Know your stuff and move forward in confidence. It’s how we roll at The Nurtured Nest.

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